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United By Bronco 2024 – Know Before You Go

The epic Utah event returns for its third year, bringing together Broncos from every generation, skill level and across the nation.

If you haven’t heard of United by Bronco by now, you might be living under a rock and not on top of them like everyone else will be in Sand Hollow this week. Whether you’re a newbie or advanced off-roader, United by Bronco will be hosting Broncos from every generation and riders at every skill level for an epic three days of trails, dune bashing, and genuine good times with friends— new and old. 

But how did UBB start?

UBB was the brainchild of husband and wife, Jesse and Mariah, the owners of Hella Bad Broncos— a Bronco shop based in Austin, TX that specializes in finding, restoring, and modifying Broncos from all generations. 

Jesse fell in love with Broncos at the age of 15 when his father bought a 1977 Bronco named “Papa Smurf.”  He’s been buying and modifying Broncos ever since.

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Jesse’s second Bronco, 1975 Bronco

Mariah also grew up in a Bronco family. Her father was notorious for driving his blue Bronco to events across the country from Maine, wheeling it hard, and driving it back home. 

And after meeting at a Bronco event, wouldn’t you know, their love for Broncos also sparked a romance. Several years later, when Ford announced the new 6th generation Bronco, Jesse and Mariah noticed a controversy began to brew. As life-long enthusiasts of the Bronco brand and admirers of every generation, they wanted to find a way to bring the community together as “one.”


Other than the fact we both eat, sleep, and breathe Bronco ever since we were young, what really started UBB was something that started to become a controversy between early generation Broncos and the new 6th gens coming out. Our goal with UBB was to make the Bronco community “one.” We wanted to bring the OG Bronco family/community together with the new— and all generations in between. To show how to “Bronco the Bronco family way.” We didn’t want to see any separation between make, model or year. 

Jesse, United by Bronco

In 2022, United by Bronco was born.

Jesse and Mariah settled on Sand Hollow because of the gorgeous landscape of the orange sand dunes and red rocks with the white snowcapped mountains. More importantly, Sand Hollow is the perfect place to bring together drivers from all skill levels— whether you’re a novice or Loren Healy. It’s even great for families with plenty of places to camp and stay at the resort or in nearby Hurricane and St. George.

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The first year exceeded their expectations.  Over 80 Broncos showed up from around the country. 2023 was bigger, with about 150 Broncos and over 200 people.

And this year is promising to be even larger. More sponsors. More vendors. And of course, more Broncos. As of today, UBB is expecting over 230 Broncos.

So, this year they’re introducing staggered groups on the moderate trails. For each moderate trail, there will be two groups: A & B. Group “A”, the first 15 or so Broncos, will leave at the scheduled time. Then group “B” will give them about an hour head start before heading out.  Each group will still have a guide for the trail.

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After experiencing Milt’s Mile last year with BroncBuster leading… I can personally attest this is probably a good idea. And that’s no dig on BroncBuster! They had an impossible task of leading a ridiculous number of Broncos up Milt’s Mile on a Saturday.

As with the previous events, UBB will be offering a variety of guided trails spanning most trail levels every day from Thursday-Saturday. You can also buy a Roamer Pass to explore the dunes and mountains on your own. There’s a street adventure, racing challenge, and the famous “Chute Challenge.”


But UBB is just getting started. Jesse and Mariah are thinking about expanding to a second location in Texas. They would love to hear what you think! Click here to provide your thoughts on UBB Texas.

Still on the fence about UBB24? This is your sign to get off. If you’re like Mariah’s dad, you can make it from Maine to Sand Hollow in 41 hours. Plenty of time to see Fun-haver’s El Bandito scorch earth at the Grudge Challenge.

UBB takes place in Sand Hollow, Utah from February 29th – March 2nd. Some trail tickets are still available! Click here to see the schedule.

Check out a 2023 recap from Wild Horses below.



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Get notified about new articles, builds, Bronco events & product offers.

Latest News & Inspiration

Subscribe To Our Weekly Newsletter

Get notified about new articles, builds, Bronco events & product offers.