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Browse the tabs below to learn more about submitting events, ticket sales and RSVP on If you have any questions, contact us.

Submitting Events

Anyone can submit an event if attendance is free and/or the organizer does not want to collect RSVPs nor manage attendees.

However, if you would like to collect RSVP’s and manage attendees, you must be registered with an account on This is especially useful if you would like to reach out to attendees for event marketing and/or edit events later on.

If you would like to sell tickets, you must be registered with an account on and have a valid PayPal account.  You cannot collect your ticket sales without a PayPal account.

Event Fields


The title/name of your event.

Event description

The description of your event.  Include as much information as you would like. 

Event Time & Date

Self-explanatory, we think.  The end time is not always shown on the website. We understand sometimes events can go later than planned.  So, use your best guess for the end time.

Event Image

The image for the event. This will be shown on all event blocks throughout the website, calendar, listings etc.  It will also be the main featured image on your event-specific landing page. Event image is required. Image must be 1,200px x 628px. Events will not be posted without an image or with low quality images. We reserve the right to crop images if they are bigger than our specs.

Event Categories

Choose all of the different categories that your event will fit into. You can pick more than one.

Event Status

Default status is scheduled— meaning your even has been scheduled and will take place in the future. If you are submitting an event with a Bronco Snapshots account, this also allows you the ability to update events if they are canceled or postponed.

Venue Details

Please search for a “venue” or location of your event before creating a new venue!  If the site contains multiple instances of the same venue, it will become confusing and unusable for attendees.  Begin by searching one word of the venue (i.e. “sand” for “Sand Hollow”) to see if it comes up.  If your venue is not there, create a new one.

Creating a new venue:

For your event to appear on the map, you must have an exact street address.  If you do not have an exact street address, you can use longitude and latitude coordinates instead.

Event Organizer

Is your company or organization a regular organizer of events?  Will you be adding more events on Bronco Snapshots in the future?  Then add yourself as an event organizer.

If you’re not a true event organizer, you may skip this field.


Enter website if you have one. Please include https://

Tickets & RSVPs

Please see the side tabs to understand the different ticketing options.

bs ticket frontend
Ticket UI Example


To sell tickets on, you must have a registered account on Bronco Snapshots. You also must have a valid PayPal account to receive your ticket sales.

Important: To protect our readers, Bronco Snapshots will have extra scrutiny for paid ticket events.  Therefore, we may ask for more information to prove that you are an official representative of the event. If you have a business email, we recommend that you sign up for a Bronco Snapshots account and submit an event using that email.

You must comply with our refund policy and merchant agreement.

*Refunds will be issued if events are cancelled. View more details in our merchant agreement.

Ticket Fees

To cover credit card processing fees, and to help keep the lights on at Bronco Snapshots, the following fees will be incurred on each ticket sale:

• 7% of ticket price
• $1.75 service fee per ticket

The ticket fees are included in the price that you set.

So, if you set a ticket price for $10, the customer will only be charged $10 (+ sales tax, if applicable). Bronco Snapshots will keep $2.45. Your profit will be $7.55.


Payouts will be initiated by Bronco Snapshots 5 business days after the event has concluded— minus any refunds, fees, or chargebacks.

For details, review our Ticket Sales Merchant Agreement for details on fees & payouts.

Event organizers selling tickets must agree to Bronco Snapshot’s refund policy, noted below from our Ticket Sales Merchant Agreement.

All Bronco Snapshot events are non-refundable. However, there are specified refunds which Organizers must comply with:

(a) Refunds must be provided in the following situations:

  • the event is canceled or otherwise not fully performed; or
  • the event is postponed and not rescheduled within 90 days of the postponement.  


(b) Refunds must be provided if: 

  • an event for which we determine there is a failure to provide the advertised goods and services, including our determination that the main advertised experience or component of your event is not otherwise delivered;
  • the event description presented to a Consumer at time of purchase is significantly different from the actual event;
  • attendees are unable to attend the event due to your failure to adequately plan for capacity, ingress or egress, or attendance will otherwise subject the Consumer to safety concerns;
  • attendees are unable to access your event’s venue;
  • the refund request is eligible for a refund, per your posted refund policy; or 
  • you issue an event credit for use during a redemption period and fail to complete an event for which the credit is eligible during such redemption period.


(c) Additionally, in the event we determine a refund is warranted in the following situations, we may, but are not obligated to, issue those refunds on your behalf, using funds in your account, from related or unrelated events or otherwise, or by invoicing you directly:

  • you specifically authorize the refunds;
  • we determine that your event violates our Terms of Service or Community Guidelines; 
  • we believe that the refund is required by applicable local, state, provincial, national or other law, rule or regulation or the Payment Scheme Rules;
  • we determine that the refund request, if not granted, will lead to a Chargeback that we are more likely than not to lose;
  • you fail to honor a credit or accommodation;
  • we determine that specific orders are fraudulent (e.g., made with stolen credit cards or otherwise not bona fide transactions); 
  • we determine that the order is a duplicate;
  • we determine that you have engaged in any fraudulent activity or made any misrepresentations;
  • we determine that there is substantial risk of your nonperformance with respect to the applicable event or future events;
  • we determine that you or we are likely to receive complaints, refund requests, transaction reversals and/or Chargebacks with respect to a substantial amount of orders; 
  • we determine that you are a Prohibited Merchant, have used the Services to process Prohibited Transactions or to manage Prohibited Events; or
  • we determine that failing to make the refunds would otherwise expose us to legal liability.


As a limited payments agent, we are permitted, but not obligated, to make such refunds on your behalf in the event you fail to do so. We may use funds in your account, from related or unrelated events or otherwise, or invoice you directly, to fund these refunds.

Specified Refunds.

Sometimes we have to make an exception.

As a limited payments agent, we are permitted to make Specified Refunds on your behalf. We may use funds in your account, from related or unrelated events or otherwise, to make Specified Refunds. 

Reimbursement by You. 

You owe us for the refunds we make to your Consumers.

You must promptly and fully reimburse us upon demand for refunds, including Specified Refunds, that we make to your Consumers, except to the extent that the necessity for such refunds is caused by our negligence or willful misconduct. If you received Scheduled Payouts for an event that is subject to Specified Refunds, you must promptly refund to a payment address designated by us all of the advanced payments so that we can issue refunds. 

Chargebacks will result in losses to us in excess of the amount of the underlying transaction. By refunding transactions in advance of a Chargeback, we are mitigating Chargeback losses and/or our damages from your breach of this Merchant Agreement, and you are still obligated to reimburse us for these refunds. 

If you do not remit funds to us that are sufficient to cover Specified Refunds, then the amount of such funds shortfall will become due and owing from you to us until you have satisfied the amount in full and such amounts are also subject to the provisions of Section 9.2 “Deductions, Setoffs, and Reserves” and Section 16 “Non-Exclusive Remedies and Collections.” As a reminder, Bronco Snapshots has offset rights that we can apply to payouts for related and unrelated events to recover the amounts you owe.

Bronco Snapshots Fees. 

Bronco Snapshots Fees are typically nonrefundable.

Bronco Snapshots Fees: Except to the extent otherwise required by law, Bronco Snapshots Fees for our Organizer Services, Bronco Snapshots Ads, are non-refundable, regardless of the cancellation, postponement, or performance of Your Bronco Snapshots Events, and regardless of whether we remove or reject Your Bronco Snapshots Events, or otherwise limit, suspend, or terminate your access to the Organizer Services in accordance with this Merchant Agreement and/or the Terms of Service. Our policies about refunds of Bronco Snapshots Fees may evolve over time.

Ticketing Fees: We have the right to decline to refund Ticketing Fees. If we decline to refund Ticketing Fees to your Consumer(s), we may give you the option to cover that part of the refund yourself. In certain cases, we may refund all or a portion of Ticketing Fees as part of a refund transaction. In that case, we have the right to require you to reimburse us for the refunded Ticketing Fees.

Process for Refunds.

Refunds must follow the process below.

Refunds Are Your Responsibility:  Even though features of our Services may enable you to process refunds through the Bronco Snapshots Properties, you have sole responsibility for all refunds to Consumers associated with your event and to notify the Bronco Snapshots team of any refunds initiated by you, the Organizer.

Initiating Refunds:  Refunds by Organizers must be submitted in writing, via email to Refunds for BSPP transactions must be processed by Bronco Snapshots.

Primary Refund Sources:  Refunds will be issued to Consumers either by using backup funding sources within the Bronco Snapshots Properties (including adding funds to the event balance or using your credit card) or remitting funds due for refunds back to us so that we can process refunds on your behalf. 

Alternative Refund Sources:  If we are unable to process a refund on your behalf for any reason (for example, the Consumer’s payment card account cannot accept the refund), we will not process the refund through the Bronco Snapshots Properties and you will have sole responsibility for meeting your refund obligations under this Merchant Agreement and your refund policy. In such cases, you may refund through cash or check or through a method described below under “Credits and Alternative Accommodations.” 

Payment Processing Deadlines for Refunds; Manual Refunds:  For BSPP transactions, you refund Consumers directly through the Services within certain windows permitted by our Payment Processor Partners. If the refund is outside such windows, then it will need to be processed manually by us or by you. We may determine to not process any refunds that are manual, in which case you must process them directly. 

Our Deadlines for Refunds:  We reserve the right to set a time period for receiving refund requests for specified reasons. After that time period, we can decline to process refund requests through the Bronco Snapshots Properties. We may allow you to refuse refunds for a Canceled Event or other specified reason when the refund requests are received after that period; however, you are still responsible for all Chargeback Costs and refund disputes.

No Offline Refunds:  Unless otherwise instructed by us, no refunds will be made outside of the Bronco Snapshots platform (e.g. offline). 

No Misuse of Refunds:  BSPP refund transactions may only be used for bona fide event refunds, and not for other activity such as money transfers, including cash advance transactions.

Refunds Processed by Bronco Snapshots:  If you choose to remit funds back to us so that we can process refunds on your behalf, to the extent we are able to do so, you must remit funds to us that are sufficient to cover refunds due to Consumers within 5 days of the event cancelation, event nonperformance, or the other reason for the Specified Refunds.

Notification to Consumers:  You must notify Consumers through email provided by Bronco Snapshots of the event cancellation or nonperformance as soon as reasonably possible and prior to the event start time.

Consumer Contact:  You will be the main point of contact for Consumers with refund requests, and you will instruct the Consumers to not contact us with refund requests. You will allow Consumers to request a refund through the Bronco Snapshots platform in accordance with our refund policy. In the event that circumstances necessitate providing refunds (e.g. Specified Refunds), you will provide clear instructions and accurate contact information to Consumers so that Consumers can make refund requests. Per Bronco Snapshots’ refund requirements, you will respond to all refund requests within a maximum of 5 business days. 

Multi-Day Events:  If you perform only part of a multi-day event, then you must refund a pro-rata portion of the purchase price of each multi-day ticket based on the portion of the multi-day event that was canceled or not performed. For example, if you sell a 3-day ticket to a festival for $150, and cancel 1 day of the festival, you must provide a $50 refund to Consumers for the canceled day.

Ticket Options


This is the “name” of your ticket that represents different types of tickets. You can have multiple types of tickets for each event— all with different prices and quantity limits.
For example, you may want to offer a general admission (GA) or VIP. Or you may want to charge for different trail rides.


This is the description for the specific type of ticket, so attendees understand what they are purchasing.

Start Sale

You may set a date and time when tickets go on sale. If you don’t set a time, tickets will go on sale immediately.

End Sale

You also may set an end date/time for ticket sales. Or you can leave this blank if you will sell tickets right up to the commencement of the event.


The price for the specific type of ticket you would like to sell.


Shared Capacity:
This will set a limit on total tickets for *ALL* types of tickets that you may sell.

For example, if you have GA & VIP and only want 100 attendees, this setting will limit the total amount of tickets between each type to 100. So, you might sell 60 GA, and 40 VIP, or 99 GA, and 1 VIP. Once 100qty is reached, ticket sales will end.

Sell up to:
Additionally, you can set a limit for this specific type of ticket that’s a part of the shared pool. For example, you may only want to sell 10 VIP. Once 10 VIP are sold, 90 GA tickets will be available for sale. However, 99 GA tickets could be sold first, and once a person buys the 1 VIP ticket left in the pool, ticket sales for this event will end.

Set capacity for this ticket only
This will set a capacity only for this type of ticket. You might have another type that has no capacity.

Unlimited capacity
No capacity limit on this type of ticket.


If you have a specific SKU/Ticket Number for this type of ticket, you can enter it in this field.

Attendee Collection

Attendee collection data is most important for those buying multiple tickets. This will determine how multiple ticket sales are recorded & distributed.

No Individual Attendee Collection:
This is the default setting. Ticket(s) will be in the name of the Purchaser billing and be sent to the purchaser’s email address.

Allow Individual Attendee Collection:
This option will allow the purchaser to choose between “No Individual collection” and “Required individual collection” (below).

Require Individual Attendee Collection:
This option requires the purchaser to add the names and email of all individual attendees. This will send a ticket via email to each of the attendees. This also allows the purchaser to log back in, view tickets, and update ticket names or email addresses if required.

For example: the ticket’s Billing Purchaser selects 4 tickets to an upcoming event. Prior to completing their purchase, they must add a unique (different) name and email address for each of the 4 Attendees. None of the Attendees need to be the Billing Purchaser’s information either. They can simply purchase the tickets on behalf of the Attendees. By doing so, each individual Attendee will each receive their own individual ticket confirmation email and the Billing Purchaser will receive the standard ticket email confirmation, which contains all tickets purchased as well.

Post-purchase: the Billing Purchaser can log into your website, head to the Event page > My Tickets, and update (e.g. change) the ticketing information for a given Attendee, however, it must be different from all other Attendees for that set of tickets purchased.

bs rsvp frontend 1
RSVP event UI example


RSVP option allows event organizers to collect registrations without charging for tickets.  This can be useful for event logistic planning and marketing/promoting to attendees who have registered to increase on-site conversion. 

RSVP Options


This is the “name” of your RSVP ticket. It is possible to have more than one type of ticket (i.e. trail different runs).


This is the description of the RSVP. You can choose whether or not to display this description on the frontend of the site for your attendees.

Start Sale

You may set a date and time when RSVP’s go live.  If you don’t set a time, RSVP will go live immediately.

End Sale

You also may set an end date/time to stop collecting RSVPs. Or you can leave this blank if you want to collect RSVP’s right up until the event start.


If you want to limit the amount of people that can attend your event, here’s the setting.

Can’t Go

If desired, you can record users who cannot attend the event.

bs my events
My Events UI

Editing Events

Note: to edit events you must submit an event with your account. 

Once events are submitted and approved, you may edit your events at any time.

To access your events, log in to From the upper left menu hover over your profile name/image and click “My Events”.

A list of your events will be displayed.

Click the “edit” button to edit your event. You may also add tickets or RSVP’s if you have not already done so.

bs attendee overview
Attendee Management UI

Managing Attendees

Once you start collecting attendees, you will have a dashboard that will allow you to track and manage your attendees.

To access your attendees, log into Once logged in, hover over your profile name/image in the upper left navigation. Click “My Events”.

A list of your events will be displayed.

If you have registered attendees or RSVP’s for your event, you will see a “Reports” line. Click “Attendees”.

From the attendee dashboard, you can:

  • See a summary of your event reigstrations
  • Search for attendees by a variety of data points
  • Browse your attendee list
  • Export or print your attendee list (great for exporting emails for marketing/promotion leading up to the event).
  • You can manually “check in” attendees
  • You can delete attendees
bs sales overview
Sales Overview UI

Reviewing Ticket Sales

You can review your total ticket sales & site fees for paid events.

To access your attendees, log into Once logged in, hover over your profile name/image in the upper left navigation. Click “My Events”.

A list of your events will be displayed.

If you have ticket sales for your event, you will see a “Reports” line. Click “Sales”.

A sales report summary will be displayed.

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Get notified about new articles, builds, Bronco events & product offers.

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Get notified about new articles, builds, Bronco events & product offers.